Lifetime Assure is our Directly Authorised protection business. It was created to complement our existing Appointed Representative business. With access to the Whole of the Market it ensures that no adviser or client should ever miss out on a product that would be of value to them.

Lifetime Assure, through years of training and experience, is home to our specialist protection advisers.

Whether it is an individual’s personal health circumstances or the peculiarities of their vocation, Lifetime Assure can help. The need for protection in the corporate world can be equally great. However, the complexities often mean that this area of the market is ignored. Whether protecting a business debt, or a Director or Partner’s business share, Lifetime Assure can help.

Access to Lifetime Assure can help complete the range of services you offer and ensure your clients do not miss out on products and specialist expertise. In short, maximising opportunity without increasing workload.

Some of their services include:
• Business protection
• Key person protection
• Specialist protection advice
• Adviser protection support

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