Lifetime Connect is supported by 360 Lifecycle. Built by an intermediary for intermediaries, it supports you and your business throughout the whole client and business journey.

Designed for end to end support 360 can, and is not limited to:

• Maintaining client records
• Marketing
• Two-way communication with the client portal
• Fully integrated fact-find
• Emailable fact-find
• Document storage
• Commission records
• Payroll statements
• Business MI
• Integrated communication tools utilising text, email, letter
• Administration records, tasks and updates
• Ability to review management
• Client oversightt.

Lifetime Connect can help. Our dedicated support team will work with you to deliver your servicing agreements. From booking the appointment to preparing your review pack, we can help you meet your obligations, retain your clients and maintain your
income stream.

More importantly, as it is costed on an hourly basis, you only pay for what you use. By flexing your support to meet your needs, you save on adding expensive staffing costs to your bottom line.

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