One of the many things that bind the businesses associated with Lifetime Connect is the pursuit of excellence. Having worked hard to secure a mortgage for a client, to then leave it in the hands of the ‘lenders own solicitor’s’ can cause both pain and inconvenience.

Lifetime Solicitors, with a fully qualified legal team were set up to exclusively support those within Lifetime Connect.

Similarly, having advised a client throughout their lifetime to reduce debt and help increase wealth, to leave them exposed needlessly to creditors, tax or the estate not passing to those of their choosing could negate all the hard work.

Lifetime Connect, through our association with Lifetime Solicitors, can now offer a wide range of legal services to enhance the client journey and by association the reputation of your business.

Some of the services Lifetime Solicitors offer include:
• Will writing
• Trusts
• Conveyancing
• Probate
• Lasting powers of attorney

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