With earnings often coming from a wide variety of sources, paid at different rates, and on different days, ensuring you receive the income due to your business and paid correctly to your advisers  can be one of the most business critical tasks undertaken. Failure to monitor can have far reaching consequences.

Lifetime Connect partners benefit from the population of commission received on a weekly basis. Details are recorded against the individual cases, at which time a consolidated commission statement at the business and adviser level will be
produced and issued.

Lifetime Connect can accommodate multiple adviser commission structures, fee charging and referral fees.

If business partners receive income from introducers or split commission between various advisers, then this too can be accounted for.

Statements are generated at the agreed time, but may be instigated as often as required. Access to reports ensure advisers are kept informed of written, completed and banked figures over any requested time frame.

Lifetime Connect can save you two of your most precious commodities, time and money.

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